Why Signal Boosters of NC

As a consumer we understand that you have a myriad of online choices when trying to buy and understand the do’s and don’ts of buying the right cellular amplifier……..such as, determining which amp is best for your location, the correct type of cable, connectors, proper indoor antenna/s, proper “outdoor” antenna are all critical decisions that must be made in order to Get Better Cell Reception.

There is no “one size fits all” system to Improve Cell Reception.

Once all the components for your job are determined, it then has to be installed correctly!

At Signal Boosters of NC, we have a number of standards by which we operate. But above all, the most important is to “Always value our customers,” because they are our “marketing machine”.

The vast majority of new customers from existing customer referrals, so we have to take care of them.

From customer service to the quality of our products – we deliver the very best to you.

Signal Boosters of NC vs. “the competition”

Our job is to provide a solution tailored to each customer, large or small.

We focus on how to better serve customers, and that we are our own competition.

We offer products that no one else in our market has.

We are truly a unique business in this Industry because we come to the customer’s location to determine their exact needs which is VERY RARE in this field.

Customer Service

We treat each customer as if they were our first.

All calls are answered “live” 24 hours per day and you will get a return call usually with-in minutes.

All of our products are covered by a 2 year warranty compared to the Industry Standard of 1 year.

We also offer customers the option of purchasing an additional five year warranty.

Signal Boosters of NC supports a variety of products/services

The Signal Boosters™ product line provides a range of solutions, each one specifically geared to meet the needs of a different type of user.

To name a few….Cell Phones, Smart Phones, MiFi and AirCard products for 3g and 4g data, Wireless Security system support, Wireless ATM’s, Vending machines that require Credit Card Verification via wireless transmissions as well as police cars, ambulances and even computer modems.

From the individual economy-class all the way up to high-performance “Building wide” systems, we have a product for you.

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