We can help with any location

Signal Boosters of NC gets inquiries from across the country and ships equipment to many locations. We do site evaluations on all inquiries within a few hundred miles, but in some cases the distance and time involved, prohibits a free site evaluation.

It is often very difficult to know exactly what is needed without an on-site evaluation....Site Evaluations of your Property allows us to evaluate what equipment will be required, how much cable, how many indoor antennas, where they needed to be placed.....etc

SBNC can also help find capable qualified installers,  or introduce and train your staff on what must be done to get the best performance of the /system

This professional evaluation can not only save you thousands of $$$ but having knowledge of your site will allow us to provide installation consultation from afar if needed.

If you choose to use us as your equipment provider, you will get the best price on equipment and know that we know your"site and how to attack it. "

Travel to, lodging, rental car and design fee may be required.
Please call or email us to inquire about an evaluation of your location.