Customers Speak

Two years ago we moved into a new 40,000 square foot building with both office and warehouse spaces in Mooresville, NC. We discovered cell phone service was significantly impaired by the high exterior concrete walls of our new building. I researched local solution providers and found Signal Boosters to be one with great reviews, so I called them to schedule a site review.

Alan was professional and friendly. He not only knew the technology very well, he was also well-versed in the codes and regulations involved with the solution.
A competitive quote was provided in a timely manner, and the solution was installed, tested, and certified not long thereafter.

We have both employees and visitors who use this solution encompassing a broad spectrum or equipment and wireless carriers. In the 18 months of service since installation I have received no complaints, and it has required zero maintenance too. We are very pleased with the solution.

Alan recently paid our site a visit to ensure all was working well. Great customer service!

Kevin Staley, MIS Administrator, AC Controls Company, Inc.

We live in a rural area of Virginia and in a bit of a geographic and cell signal hole.  We had two basic TracFones we kept mainly in the cars for emergency.  At home, one would not work at all and one was iffy.  And inside the house - forget about trying.  My wife has a smartphone mainly for texting the granddaughter in college.  It often would delay sending a text message until it could get a better signal.  

After the cell booster system was installed, both TracFones work well in the house and there are no longer any problems sending text messages - they go out immediately. In the past, we tried buying and installing a cell booster system with no worthwhile improvement.  Removed and returned it.  

I saw SignalBoostersNC's truck locally and decided call then to try having a pro look at our situation.  Even though we had minimal signal to work with, Mr. Stephenson was able to install a system which solved our problem.  We were very happy with his professionalism and the quality of his work.  And we felt the cost of the installed system to be quite reasonable.

William Allen, Chase City, Va.

Working with SignalBoosters of NC was an absolute pleasure and couldn’t have been easier. Alan managed to take our rural 300,000 sq. foot warehouse that had not been used for 10 years, and brought it back to life boosting the cell signal in every square foot. Alan is extremely knowledgeable about these complex systems, and in everyconversation with him, he was polite and professional. I would highly recommend Signal Boosters of NC for any project, big or small.

Eric Rehbein, IT Administrator, idX, Fredricksburg, Va.

I would like to thank Alan and his team, we had very little signals strength in new Church building.  He developed a design and they provided a very processional installation.  We current have 600-700 people in our building on Sunday mornings and do not experience any degradation in the cellular signal or quality of service.  I highly recommend their services!

Chet Sikes, Crosslink Community Church, Mebane, NC

When I decided to set up my office at my home, I thought I would be more efficient due to less interruptions. Well, when you live in the country and your office is in your metal building, the poor internet connection and the disconnection of your phone calls ends up making you regret leaving the big city. But, now with my Signal Boosters of NC system, my Verizon cell phone and MiFi internet connection is strong and the joy of working from home has finally been experienced!! I highly recommend Signal Boosters of NC for any environment, such as mine, that prevents you from operating at full efficiency!

David Garrett, Polaris Drive, Bahama, NC

My client Davis, Sturges & Tomlinson Law Firmin Louisburg, NC are extremely satisfied with Signal Boosters of NC. They havean old building with about a 2 ft. brick wall running through the middle of theoffice and the location also has a weak cell signal.  You can imagine how inconvenient and embarrassing it was for lawyers and clients to go outside inall kinds of weather to use their mobile phones!  

Over time, I spoke with the cell phone providers that only offered their version of a internet based signal booster; never worked! I talked to other companies who said theycould fix the problem. My problem with this is these companies did not have experience in cellular amplification.  Because of the brick wall they wanted to use a kit on one side of the building and add another one on theother side which would double the cost. 

Alan is a professional who assessed our needs and delivered a plan to overcome the brick wall! We haven't had any dropped calls. We can go anywhere in the office. I was thrilled the other day while on tech support on my cell, walking from office to office. I wish I had found Signal Boosters a few years back. His service and equipment is saving all of us from frustration of dropped calls, time and money.
Mary Rose Joyner, MJComputer LLC, Louisburg, NC

Alan is a great guy to deal with. I found him to be very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful.  He gave great advice and has shown he is available for service calls or questions after the installation; I would recommend him to anyone.
Carroll Clayton, Son Shiners Preschool, Roxboro, NC

Signal Boosters of NC not only met my expectaions but exceeded them.  Alan did a fantastic job of delivering a great product that covered over 220,00sq feet, while maintaining clear communication with myself as well as theoffice tenants and employees he was working around.  The installation wasseamless, swift, and completed in a professional manner.  My greatestpraise is the customer service and care provided by Alan who goes the extramile to ensure that his clients are satisfied.  Signal Boosters of NC ishighly recommended for anyone in need of amplifying a cell phone signal in anycommercial property.
Patrick M. Blackley, RPA, PropertyManager, Duke Realty, 3005 Carrington Mill Blvd, Suite 100, Morrisville, NC 27560

I just wanted to thank Signal Boosters for great service and a great product; before signal boosters our teachers and staff couldn't use cellphones to communicate from one end of the building to the other, after cellphone reception is the strongest anywhere in Henderson.  Signal boosters worked extremely fast while taking care not to disturb any of our students, and provided a superior product.
Jeremy Hetrick, Director Facilities/HR/Budget, Henderson Collegiate 1071 Old Epsom Rd Henderson, NC 27536

Our ability to communicate from former dead zones has improved dramatically! I highly recommend Signal Boosters of NC to anyone who is having cell signal issues.  Thanks for a job well done!
Alan Roberts, Director of Security & Transportation, United Methodist Retirement Homes, Durham, NC

Due to the help and assistance of Signal Boosters of NC our 2015 Triangle Wine Experience Gala and Auction on Saturday evening, February 7th was a complete success.   This was the first year that the Frankie Lemmon School decided to use on-line bidding via smart phones for our auctions.  Within our organization there was some concern about the use of on-line bidding from a technology standpoint. The success of the on-line bidding process depended upon having a consistently superior cell phone signal.  Your installation of a cell phone signal booster insured that everyone at the Gala and Auction enjoyed a strong cell phone signal throughout the evening......early indications are that the use of on-line bidding resulted in close to a 20% increase in auction donation revenue.  Without the equipment and service you provided this would not have been possible. 

On behalf of the children of the Frankie Lemmon School thank you very much for your support.
Lee J. Pryor, Frankie Lemmon School

Alan, We are doing great and things at the 658 Center are going very well. Every since your install, we have enjoyed great coverage without any complaints. It's a beautiful thing to not have to go outside to use our cell phones, especially during this winter!!!
Thanks again for your help!
Eric Bernier, Project 658, Charlotte, NC

I would like to thank Signal Boosters of NC for your contributions to our resort development in South Arkansas!

When we built the Delta Resort and Spa, the seclusion and remote location was one of the best characteristics of the facility.  We are located in the heart of the Delta region of the United States beautifully situated along the Mississippi River.  The resort is a destination for outdoor enthusiast from around the world.

We recently hosted the USA Olympic Qualification match for shotgun shooting sports.  Both our two story and our three story hotels were booked solid for this event!

What we love about our location is also what caused me to seek the services of Signal Boosters.  Our facility has overnight accommodations for over 400 guests and they tend to expect cellular service in a top notch facility such as this.

The cell service here was hardly usable before we found you.  AT&T; Engineers have been on site and told us that there was nothing they could do to help.  We are just in a vast farm region where they did not intend to serve.  If you look at their coverage map, we are considered unserved.

You were incredibly  instrumental in assisting with design and implementation of a solution!  Our guest come and go on the property and NEVER say anything about cellular service.  My goal was for guest to come and go and not realize that there was a cell service shortage.  Your product and services gives them confidence when coming to our property.  They know they are still connected to the “rest of the world” when they are here.

Your professionalism and expertise helped us develop a world class shooting facility and we look forward to using your services in the future!

Thanks so much,
Rick Hales, Information Technology Director, Delta Resort & Spa, Tillar, AR 71670

Before Signal Boosters service we dropped calls from customers constantly.  Now we have crystal clear cell service.  What is best is that Signal Booster’s is quick to respond and very professional.  As roofing contractor we can say Signal Boosters takes pride in their work and work hard to install equipment without disruptions to the roof or your business.
Alex Calder, Property Management and IT, Baker Roofing Co.

My wife and I were referred to Signal Boosters, Inc. and Alan Stephenson owner by our A/V company installing all of our new Audio/Video equipment in our new home in the Pittsboro area.  Our A/V sales person told us that Alan (Signal Boosters) was by far the best person to help us with our poor cellular phone reception in our new home.

We contacted Alan regarding our poor cellular phone coverage and he said he could provide us with a solution and offered to come out to our home in Chapel Ridge in next couple of days or so.  Alan came out to our home 2 days from our initial call and went through a couple of options with us and which one he felt would probably provide the better solution and also discussed cost.  We agreed to go with the better solution he recommended and set up a date for him to come out to the house to install the equipment necessary to boost/improve our cellular service.  I am on AT&T; 4G and was generally getting from 0 – 1 bar as far as reception on my iPhone.  My wife was getting the same reception on her Samsung 4S.

Alan came out to our home a couple days after his initial visit to the house to install the equipment and did a great job hiding the outside booster antenna so it is barely visible and then put the other one in our attic on the second floor.  Total time to install the equipment and test it was 3-4 hours.  Alan went through everything with us after the installation so that we knew what to do in the event of an interruption of service.  So far we have had no down time and the cellular reception we get now is unbelievable!  I am currently getting anywhere from 3-5 bars on my iPhone and my wife is getting the same on her Samsung.

We highly recommend Alan and his company Signal Boosters, Inc. and anyone considering improving their cellular service needs to call Alan immediately to solve their problem.
Jim McFadzean, Director, North America Technology Practice Leader

Signal Boosters took the time to understand Ciena’s technical needs and comply with our documentation requirements. After a short delay to deal with some unexpected structural issues, the system was installed quickly and professionally. Alan came back a few days later to ensure that everything was working to our satisfaction. (It was.) The whole project was completed for a very reasonable price.
George D. Stuart, Director, IT Operations

We are really thrilled with the improvement in our internet experience! Being limited in this area to a cellular hotspot, without even the possibility of satellite- and having a weak signal at that, we had almost given up on having any internet connection that would function well. The signal on my phone ranged from no bars to maybe two bars on a good day. We now have four to five bars consistently! Pages load quickly- even with multiple photos and lots of copy. We are able to watch videos without buffering. I watched a 45 minute concert on youtube- no buffering! As with all good things we find available at some point- question to self is "why didn't we do this sooner?" Thanks so much- will definitely be passing your service along.
Mike and Barbara Mason, Buffalo Junction, Va

Interstate Batteries recently moved our business to a new location and discovered that the warehouse and office space seriously diminished our cell & data reception on our smart phones. A number of calls were being missed by management from corporate officials and this was causing some headaches on top of the move itself. During the move we came across a system previously installed by Alan at Signal Boosters years ago. After realizing it was all still wired and functional we plugged it up to see if there would be any improvement. There was no noticeable difference. Being a little skeptical at this point, I phoned Alan for some info.

Alan came right out and explained the functionality of the old system, new systems, and clarified why the current system would not work in our case. After a quick swap of equipment it was pretty easy to see the difference. Alan went through all the technical details of the system and the nuances of today’s smart phones. Interstate Batteries is thoroughly satisfied with the service and product provided by Signal Boosters and would definitely recommend them to any business or home that has trouble with signal reception.
Randy Edwards, Assistant Market General Manager, Interstate Batteries of Raleigh Durham

“Signal Boosters of NC, Inc. did a professional job in assessing our needs, implementing a plan and delivering a solid solution to provide enhanced cellular service in our subterranean parking garage at 140 West Franklin; I would highly recommend Alan and would gladly work with him again.”
Scott Milke Project Manager, Ram Development Co./140 West Franklin Project

Your product and name speak for themselves. We have had long standing issues with signal strength inside our building. I fought three years with a cell service provider to help us install a signal repeater. When they finally did, the benefit was extremely limited. With Signal Boosters, there was no argument and the results were absolute. The signal in the building is the best it's ever been. Thank you Signal Boosters for making it so easy to boost our productivity by providing the signal solution we so desperately needed.
Best regards,
Todd B Daymont, CERP, American Party Rentals | Durham, NC

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and your company for the remarkable job you did for us here at the Millennium  Hotel in Durham. We have great cell service as a result of your expertise in the field of cellular amplification service. Prior to Signal Boosters equipment and professional installation we could not get any signal in the buildings, guest rooms or anywhere, and now we have reliable signal everywhere in the building.
GREAT JOB !!!!! Again thanks Alan for the great job that your company delivered.
Robert Hurt, Chief Engineer, Millennium Hotel, Durham, NC

We had Signal Boosters install a system at our home in Hope Valley. We used to have many dropped calls and poor service. Now the communications are so clear and we haven't had any dropped calls. Big difference! We are able to go anywhere in the house and use the cell phones with ease. Wished I had known about this solution sooner! The service was prompt, flawless and looks nice too. Thanks Alan for coming to our rescue!
Chase Loew, Durham

I had no cell coverage in my house once the leaves came out each year. I had to go outside to make a call.  I have AT&T; and I first tried the  microcell but it  sounded terrible.  I had Alan come out and install an amplifier and now I can talk all day in my house in the middle of summer.  I work from home so this is really important.  Alan provided great service and I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a better signal.
Jeremiah Cook, Greensboro

Alan from Signal Boosters did a very good job for us. Systems performing as presented.
Wayne Peabody UFP Mid-Atlantic, Burlington, NC

I sincerely appreciate your attention to detail not to mention your professionalism.

Your quick response, and getting the job "done" (whatever it takes) is why we continue to call you.

I was amazed at how powerful you were able to get our signal inside our Building. Again, Thank You!
Pastor Wes Bailey, Grace Baptist Church, Louisburg, NC

Our new 3-story building had spotty or no signal in several locations. Alan evaluated our needs and provided us with a "right sized" solution at a reasonable price. Installation was clean, timely and unobtrusive. His solution is carrier agnostic, unlike other systems we investigated.

We should get years of service with this system regardless of cell phone vendor.
Rick Rambo, Computer Operations Manager, Booth & Associates, Inc., Raleigh, NC

We had Signal Boosters come to our home a year ago to evaluate our poor cell phone reception and make a recommendation to help us resolve the very poor indoor coverage issue we were experiencing. We were very impressed with Alan and Signal Boosters and have never looked back. Our cell phone coverage in our home has improved 100% and we are very pleased. No longer do we receive 1X signals or cell phone reboots.

This past August (2012) we had a lightning strike at our home. We lost most of the electronic equipment in the home including the home phone service and the cell phone booster….My reception was very bad again. I checked the unit, no power and no luck. We gave Alan a call and explained our situation. He made the time out of his busy schedule the same day he was leaving for vacation to make a special trip to our house. He evaluated the equipment and determined that the power supply was the only thing that was damaged from the storm.

He could have told us everything was bad and re-sold us a new system but he did not do that, he was honest and helped us when we needed cell phone coverage as our home phone system was down.

Long story short. We have been very pleased with Signal Boosters and Alan. We highly recommend him and the products he offers and installs for any Cell phone, MiFi device, Tablet or Wireless Security indoor coverage issues you may be experiencing.
Sincerely, Derek & Joyce Falzarano, Creedmoor, North Carolina

I am in sales & had no cell phone service at my vacation home on Lake Gaston. Without my cell phone ringing I lose money. One phone call to Signal Boosters & a week later I'm sitting in my den by the lake conducting business. I used to have to stay in the office & work until 5pm now I can cut out early with no worries. Work was completed & I didn't have to clean up any mess or worry about any items coming up missing. Very professional company & would recommend them to my Granny!  Russell Rutledge, Bracey, Virginia

Thank you so much for providing an excellent product and service. We went from 0 to 4 bars of signal in our metal building. Not only does it cover our very large garage, the signal also covers our office area! Sure wish we had done this first. No more missed calls or recharging batteries before the end of the day. Signal Boosters will definitely be recommended by us!  Tracee Hannon, Hensley's Well Drilling, Clarksville, Va.

Hey Alan, Sorry I'm so late getting this out, but since my wife's passing I've been not just a bit dysfunctional but a whole lot. I do want to again thank you not just for the excellent job you did, and not just for the superb results, but even more so for the professional and compassionate way you did the work. Everybody is very pleased and amazed at the results. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Signal Boosters rocks, no question about it!  James V. Bartelt, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313

Thank you so much for stopping by the other day.  Everyone is pleasantly surprised that their phones actually ring out here now.  The best part is, they ring all day...we don't have to deal with dead batteries anymore.  You were a pleasure to work with and we will be sure to recommend you to people around here.  Kelly Ramsey, HR Ramsey Construction, Clarksville, VA

Alan from Signal Boosters was wonderful. Very professional and really got the job done! I went from almost zero service on my Verizon MiFi hotspot device to really fast internet speed in my home. I highly recommend him.  Jessica Ruff, Clarksville, Va

Professional, courteous service from initial visit through installation. Great job with great results. Thanks a bunch!  Tim Merry, Clarksville, Va.

If not for Signal Boosters, we would not be able to use our cell phones or have internet access at our home, where we also work. Alan installed an antennae on the top of our roof, boosting our signal from barely 1 bar inside, to 3-4 bars! We not only can use our cell phone throughout the house (our only phone; no landline), but we have high-speed internet access through Verizon 3G. Alan made it possible for us to continue to work from home and stay in touch with friends and family. Plus, he was willing to drive to where we live in southern Chatham County. He is professional and courteous. Thanks!!! Colleen Olfenbuttel, Bear Creek, NC

Prior to Signal Boosters and for as long as we have been resident in Glenlake, we have had poor to no reception or the ability to communicate with cell phones unless one was near the perimeter windows. Following the installation, we had a remarkable change and our problems have seemingly gone away. Our clients are happy as are our lawyers. Thanks.  Nancy Childers, Administrative Coordinator, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, L.L.P., Raleigh, NC 27612 

From sitting on my patio having to make cell phone calls to being in my home and hearing clearly is a real treat! Signal Boosters, Thanks. Laurie Bowers, Chapel Hill, NC

Thank you so much for fixing our Air Card connection issues! I had all but given up hope on receiving a solid signal. How refreshing to get such helpful, and professional service, delivered on time and exactly as promised. Jeff Janik, Louisburg, NC

“Alan, I would like to thank you for helping us. It was very frustrating not being able to communicate with our clients. We tried using Verizon cellular extenders and still the same issue. Signal Boosters did an outstanding job providing fast and reliable service at reasonable price. No more drop calls!!”  Mario Apostolides, IT Manager at SBS Management Company, Inc. - Apex, NC

It is wonderful to get cell phone reception everywhere in our office now. I am really excited about hosting our next corporate meeting where visitors will not have to go outside to use their cell phones. On behalf of our entire staff, thank you for a job well done and at such a reasonable cost.  Debbie Fail, Operations Support Manager for Bay Valley Foods, Faison , NC

Thank you for making our business run better. Prior to Signal Boosters, our sales reps could not receive calls on their cell phones in our offices. If you can’t take calls, you can’t take orders. We have perfect cell phone service now."     Brenda Berg – CEO, Scandinavian Child, Raleigh, NC

Alan, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your company. We have tried many other options that just didn't get the job done. I can say we have complete coverage at all 4 of our stores. I wish we had called you from the start. I know my customers and employees are glad we fixed this issue!!!     Steve Smith, President , CBS Quality Cars, Durham

"Thank You Alan. I can't believe the GREAT signal I'm getting now with the Signal Booster that you installed for me. I've always had poor signal with my cell phone, and my air card. But not any more. I've gone from one bar on my phone to 4, and 5 bars now. My internet is faster than ever, and I love being able to work, and talk anywhere in the house, and not have to worry about about another drop call."     Candy Roberts

Just wanted to let you know that the signal booster works great at my Hyco Lake home. We went from 1/2 bar at best to 4/5 bars throughout the house. This will allow us to get rid of the land line and long distance service at a savings of about $ 60.00 per month. We also have internet service with my Ipad thanks to the Signal Booster. Nice to read the Durham Herald on Sunday morning on the net. Thanks So much.     Tim Oates

Signal Boosters was very quick to develop a solution to our poor cell phone reception and installed it in no time. We went from "No Service" in our warehouse to 3-5 bars! Very professional.     Alan Montgomery, BD BioSciences Support Engineer, TreyBurn/Durham, NC

Alan, We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.     Charlene Williams, Capital Nephrology Associates, Project Coordinator/IT

“As our company was completing its new building, we came to the realization that we had absolutely no cell phone signal on most of the first floor as a result of how the lot was graded. This was very concerning since our IT Department and data center reside on the first floor making cell service vital to our operations. …..After doing some research, we contacted Signal Boosters. Signal Boosters provided a solution at a reasonable price, and resolved the problem completely. We now have full cell coverage everywhere, to include our data center. Thanks Signal Boosters!”.     Mark Nilsson, IT Director – Epic Games, Inc. – Cary, NC

I want to thank you for the great equipment and fine service you gave to Underwriter's Laboratories. The Signal Boosters' systems we purchased works much better than advertised! .... and it's very rare. We are very pleased and no-one can believe that we now have great cellular coverage even in the elevators! Your product performs well and your service was exceptional. Please feel free to use Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. as a reference for your systems and service. We are very satisfied customers.
Thank you again.     Carl B. Ward, Information Technology Division, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

“We were in the midst of revamping our entire phone system and one of the integral parts to our new phone system was going to be the use of cell phones within our building for both internal and external communications. After researching providers of equipment to increase signal strength we found Alan from Signal Boosters to be helpful in answering our questions. The installation went smoothly and Alan was very interested in making sure the equipment was doing what we were expecting. We have gone from areas in our building where we had no signal to having 99% of the building area covered for major carriers. Alan did a great job. I would certainly recommend him.”     Lorrie Earley, Facilities and Medical Equipment Manager, Veterinary Specialty Hospital

Signal Boosters of NC does a great job providing a reliable cell signal in our commercial buildings. The work is completed professionally and quickly and my tenants have been extremely pleased with the enhanced reception in their suites.     Eve M. Pilkington, RPA Director, Property Management at Trinity Partners/Raleigh

We have signal!!! I have been in the same building with no signal for 2 years until Alan with Signal Boosters of NC stepped in and made it right. Now our clients and co-workers can take full advantage of the phone service we pay for. He is prompt, professional, friendly and really knows his stuff. Signal Boosters did a great job. Thanks again, David Burr - Sales and Finance - Mercedes Benz of Cary, NC 

The change in signal quality was immediately noticeable. Our users went from barely 1 bar to typically 4 bars with the likelihood of having a dropped call to to excellent signal clarity.... and no dropped calls. A typical comment that I heard yesterday was “why wasn’t this done earlier?"     Bob Hornburg - AudioCodes - Durham, NC 

We are very happy with our Signal Boosters equipment. In a shop with eight people, most of whom are constantly on-the-go, dashing out the door to prevent dropped calls was frustrating, at best. In the first week, our team had already become accustomed to our phones "just working" - it's been that seamless. I would not hesitate to recommend Signal Boosters service to anyone experiencing poor indoor service. Thank you     Berry Williams - Mooresville Greater School District/ Technology Department - Mooresville, NC 

Everyone is thrilled with the service that Signal Boosters provided for our location in Raleigh. Our designers are not missing calls or running outside to use their cell phones now. Thanks     Janet Joines - CFO, Kitchen and Bath Galleries - Raleigh, NC

I just wanted to thank you for all your help getting a solution put together for our new office in Chapel Hill. Obviously we were quite surprised and a bit freaked out when we learned there was virtually no cell phone service in the office with any carrier. Cell phones can be a crucial part of our business and not having working phones can become quite an issue.

You made the whole process very easy. Everything including the quote, and coordination with the building management and the installation was quick and painless.

Thanks again for the help!     Loren Miller, Manager - Voice Services - ICAP Energy LLC - Louisville, KY 

Signal Boosters of North Carolina provided us with a solution for our very marginal cell phone coverage at our new home. They recommended a solution to allow us to both send and receive cell phone calls within our new home. The system was installed in an unobtrusive manner, has worked reliably as promised and without any problems.     Charlie Ritter - Carolina Preserve

I reside in Kentucky and became familiar with Signal Boosters when my father moved to the Chapel Hill area in the summer of 2007. I kept Alan's contact info and called about an installation that I wanted to do at my office in Kentucky. The installation could not have gone any smoother and my cellphone signal improved from 0-1 bar to 5 bars. WOW!! My battery talk and stand by time has more than doubled with the better signal. Signal Booster receives 5-Stars in my rating book. Keep up the excellent work Alan.     Frank Fitzpatrick - Prestonsburg, Kentucky

The Signal Booster is working very well. I appreciate your prompt, professional and courteous service.     Toby Boyles, VP - Baker Roofing Co, Raleigh, NC

The Cell phone signals are great in my office now! Thank you.     Judy Powell, RN - Home Care Administrator - Croasdaile Village

I could not be happier with the Signal Booster system you installed at my plant. We had a total dead zone in 3 offices and warehouse that now have a full signal on our cell phones...Thanks so much for your system and service!     Bob Dawson, COO - Carolina Soy Products/Whole Harvest Warsaw, NC

You have saved our lives and made us able to use T-Mobile in our buildings.     James Sanes - Director Of Plant Operations - Methodist Retirement Homes/Croasdaile Village

Alan and the Signal Boosters are A+++!! We kept on Dropping calls on ATT so we switched to then Alltel. Still had trouble, called Alan and he showed us a Demo. The Demo was the equipment we bought no hidden fees and or anything! Thanks!!!     The Dietterich's - Timberlake, NC

The Signal Boosters system is working great and makes the site construction trailers “hot” for coverage as promised. If it were not for your equipment, we would be struggling for cell coverage. Your professional service, response time and installation was excellent!     John M. Dowdell, P.E. - Engineering Project Manager - Saint Gobain Gypsum Engineering/ Roxboro, NC

Signal Booster's service is fantastic! We have ALLTEL and Verizon wireless phones in the office and they ALL have full bars...NOW! Before you installed the system, my Verizon Blackberry would NOT work in the office and the other cell phones would drop most calls. The calls that did come through were always broken up. We had lived like this, taking all cell phone calls in the parking lot, since July. I had seen the advertisement for Signal Boosters but thought that any type of booster was a hoax and would be as real as buying an air guitar! Thank you!!     Brenda Cheatham - Four Seasons Landscaping Management, Inc., - Durham, NC

The Signal Boosters system is working great and makes the site construction trailers “hot” for coverage as promised. If it were not for your equipment, we would be struggling for cell coverage. Your professional service, response time and installation was excellent!     John M. Dowdell, P.E. - Engineering Project Manager - Saint Gobain Gypsum Engineering/ Roxboro, NC

My house is surrounded by acres of tall pine trees and I've always just turned my cell phone off at home because I had zero signal and could not make or receive calls. Signal Boosters spent quite a bit of time determining what would work best and the end result is a great signal. I can now call my friends and family on weekends when we're all home and have time to chat. Thanks Single Boosters!     Mike Freeman - Chapel Hill, NC (Orange County)

Signal Boosters provided a professional on-time installation with a product that entirely met our needs.     Steve Snyderman - GoodWill Community Foundation

"Signal Boosters professionalism was above and beyond what we expected. While they were not the first vendor we contacted, they were the first to respond and the first to visit our site. Attention to detail, knowledge about the products and enthusiasm made our choice easy.  Thanks Signal Boosters."     James Breese - Technical Services Engineer/Systems Admin - ArcaTech Systems, Mebane, NC

In Real Estate it is important for clients to be able to reach us.

Prior to having Signal Boosters install our system, our cell phones did not pick up in the lower level of our building. Now our REALTORS are happy that clients are able to reach them even when they are in their offices.

Installation was quick, professional and affordable.

We would recommend Signal Boosters to anyone who needs better cell phone reception.     The Home Team - Chapel Hill, NC

I can now get reception from my “cave of an office”. We were told nothing could be done. I have 4 bars—wonderful reception.”      Becka Huckabee - Home Team Realty - Chapel Hill, NC

Triangle Orthopaedics is a large Medical practice located in Durham, NC. We have a great signal outside of our facility, but inside the service is really poor based on our large steel and brick construction. Signal Boosters responded promptly and came out several times to discuss and plan their approach to solving our problem. They isolated our most problem areas and proposed a solution to us. They installed enough equipment to boost signal in our 66,000 sq. ft. facility in just two days. It is working great and we have had so many compliments by our providers and customers. I recommend Signal Boosters to anyone!     Andrew Young - Triangle Orthopaedics - IT Specialist

Signal Boosters provide a great service with their home demo and professional installation. There is no other way that a prospective user can evaluate the effectiveness of boosting the signal for their cellular device. It sure is great to know how well something will serve your needs before you plunk down scarce cash for it!     Dennis Lazof - Durham, NC

"We are in a very large commercial building with five offices in the basement, and without our new Signal Booster, cell phones were useless. Thankfully not now!     James Sanes, Director - Croasdaile Village Retirement Community

"Before we had Signal Boosters....our mobile phones would ring, but we could never get the call. Now, we have great reception in our house and on the lakeside porch."      TG from Lake Gaston - Littleton, NC

The Signal Booster system works great. We had almost no signal in our house—now, we can use our cellphones throughout much of the house.     Matt Magidson - Chapel Hill, NC

Our SIGNAL BOOSTER works great, and we are telling friends about it!     Debi and Rusty Roll - Hyco Lake

We at Carolina Nissan in Burlington, are very pleased with the work Signal Boosters did, and with the improved cell phone reception inside our new dealership.     Terry Crenshaw

Verizon considers our new home in a weak signal area. We have paid Verizon $68.+ per month for 1 1/2 years sometimes using less than 30 minutes a month, because the phones did not work at our house. Inside or outside there was no reliability of service. We called Signal Boosters and they gave us a demonstration and installed the signal booster in our house. The signal is great (full bars) from only 1 bar inside and 2 bars outside. Our cell phones work great in the room the booster is in. Do the math, the signal booster will quickly pay for itself by getting the cell service you deserve, and no long distance charges. Thank's Signal Boosters,     Rich & Janice Cramer - Wake Forest, NC

My signal boosters device has made all the difference in the world! Now I can sit in my home office at my desk and use my company cell phone for business calls. Before Signal Boosters I had to grab the phone when it rang and run outside. Thanks!!     Carol Windsor - Chatham County, NC

Thank you SO MUCH for giving us cell service in our new location! It would have been miserable not to have cell phone service at work. Everyone in our shopping center will be calling! I think that they've thought it was impossible to have a good signal here because it's such an old building and down at the bottom of a hill. All of our employees are grateful, as are my husband and I...we can talk inside now. Life is good. All the best,     Joy Hollar - Lamps Ltd - Roxboro, NC

Everything is working great! I have been using the Signal Booster with the Aircard for three weeks now at least 20 hours per week. I have only lost connection once the entire time. This is a great improvement over dial-up. I am able to easily work from home now. My connection is significantly faster than it was before. Without the booster the cell signal is about 10% inside my house, now I am averaging around 80% with the booster.     Christy McCay - Roxboro, NC

I am thrilled to be able to use the internet at such a quick speed, as opposed to the old snail pace I was getting prior to your installation. Also, our cell phones work much better. Thanks for your help!     Ralph Pope - Cary, NC

I called, they came, it worked!
I love the iPhone, but AT&T;'s service is shoddy, at best, in Chapel Hill. Signal Boosters really works!     Gary Kayye - Chapel Hill Home Theatre Design

The real estate office for Oakland Ltd. at Hyco Lake ( Roxboro, NC ) has never had cell phone reception that could be depended on. With the addition of the cell phone booster , not only my cell phone , but nearly all of my clients phones receive calls clearly. If you are near the office stop in and try yours just to see the difference it makes. In addition I have just built a new home on the lake and had Signal Boosters install a booster there as well. The reception is now so good, I have no need for standard land line service there.     Clyde Kelly - Broker, Oakland Ltd. Real Estate

The booster is great! I will be sure to spread the word! In fact I am sending an email to our many offices today alerting them to availability of this helpful business tool.     G.L. Edwards - Advanced Applicators, Inc., SprayMAX, Inc., Monroe, Louisiana

Signal Boosters was extremely professional and timely. They responded immediately to our needs and were able to boost a very low signal in a very weak coverage area to an inside signal that we are able to use throughout our entire office and our home. Signal Booster was a great investment for our communication needs. It saved us the expense of adding four lines in our office and one in our home. Signal Booster was a cost savings to us in our communication needs.     Carl Johnson - President - Carl Johnson Advertising, Durham, NC

We are very pleased with the Signal Booster system. The agents are very happy that they can now receive calls throughout our office. Even our neighbors across the hall are getting better service! Quite a few people have said they would be calling you.     Bill Edwards - RE/MAX Preferred Associates, Raleigh, NC

I could not make outgoing calls in my home, nor would my phone receive incoming calls. The gentleman from Signal Boosters came over with this equipment and my phone immediately gained a bar. He could of left it at that. But, he went out of his way to make the equipment even more effective. His hard work paid off! When he finished, my phone was full of bars and for the first time I had great service in my home. I love the freedom of being able to talk from the comfort of my home ! Thanks Signal Boosters for this wonderful product and the very friendly service that came with it. Thanks,     Kathy Perry - Accountant, Encore Marketing Group, Inc.

I own a home at the beach and often work while on vacation there.  Until we got your Signal Booster, I had to walk outside and sometimes drive up the street to make an important customer call.  Most of my incoming calls went straight to voice mail so customers thought I was unavailable and I would lose opportunities.  Now I am able to answer quickly without dropping the call while working from the beach.  It has been wonderful!  Thanks!     Patty Roberson --- CTX Mortgage Company

"We have a 24,000 square foot metal building with virtually no cell phone signal inside.  About the best we could do, before the Signal Booster, was to try and get near a window and not move around or cell calls would be dropped.  After the booster was installed we have a good strong signal in ALL areas of the building.  The service was fast and the booster works exactly as promised.  Thanks for all your help!     Jimmy Aiken, The Duke University Copy, Center 

The Signal Boostersyou installed for me on both the house and boat house have been awesome. The benefits I have experienced from increased productivity, timeliness, and clearer communication have been huge. It is one of the best improvements I have made to the home. It was absolutely the right thing to do.

Thank you for your efforts, your perpetual positive attitude, and introducing me to this wonderful product.     Andy Krichman----Krichco Custom Builders

I live in Chapel Hill's Lake Forest Subdivision at one of the town's highest points; so one would think that I should receive a strong signal?  NOT!!   Cell reception in Chapel Hill has drastically deteriorated over the past ten years and it does not matter which provider you're using!
Since installing a Signal Booster in my home office space, I can now effectively make and receive calls on my cell phone once more!     Bob Klatt

I operate a phone dependent business out of my home. Before installing dual Signal Boosters systems, I was confined to a small area of my home for fear of dropped calls. Now I have 4-6 bars throughout my home! Thanks Signal Boosters!     Tom Garner Hillsborough, NC

With the growth of the construction industry, it is critical that communication is done costly and effectively. We've been a growing business servicing the piedmont and surrounding areas of North Carolina for over 20 years. In the past we had continued troubles getting a good phone signal in our buildings. Since the installation of our Signal Booster, we haven't had a single problem!     Scott Talbert -  General Manager   Talbert Building Supply Durham

After the move to our brand new, state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Pinnacle Park, Apex, NC, we quickly learned that a steel construction was not benefiting the cell phone reception. We ended up with a lot of spots where there was no coverage at all resulting in dropped calls. When I saw a Signal Boosters van drive by I picked up the phone and set-up a meeting with them. They quickly helped us determining our needs, ordered the supplies and now we are enjoying a strong signal just as he promised us. I can recommend their service to anyone!     Rudi Bot - Controller, Madern USA, Inc.

Thank you for the “instantaneous” response to my call! (Very few companies value customer needs as you have.) Living, and running a business outside the service of DSL or Cable, has left us with cellular as our ONLY source of computer broadband. That too was marginal!! Normal signal strength ran 50-60k (marginally faster than dialup) before we installed your Signal Booster. For the first time in 4 years, our cell phones work AND our broadband (aircard) speed is nearly 1000k! Thank You for an exceptional product and your more-than exceptional service.     Lee R Edinger - Lee ATI Transport, LLC

The Signal Booster I ordered took 30 minutes to install it in my metal building. I never had more than one bar of signal and now I get 4 bars. To me it is worth 10 times what I paid for it. I have not missed a call since…. Before, I was lucky to get 1 out of 10 calls. Anyone who wants to see how easy it is to install, and how well it performs is welcome to come to my shop to see for themselves.     Lenny Cardone - Lenny’s RV repair - Supply, North Carolina

Before Signal Boosters, my customers and I would be walking in and out of the building trying to get a signal and after the installation, we are able to stay in contact with our friends and business associates! Thank you so much for providing this service!     Faye Rodenhizer - Pizza Palace of Durham

Alan, Thanks for introducing me to Signal Boosters product that you sold me. Before installation, I could not get a strong enough signal to originate a call from the interior of my home. After installation, receiving and activating new calls works like it should. The installation of the antenna was a concern but your installer did a wonderful job. I am very pleased with how the equipment looks and performs. Thanks against for the intro to a great product.     Jim Hopper - Durham, NC

Thanks. It is a lifestyle change to be able to make calls inside my house. I will tell my neighbors.     Parks Griffin - Wilmington, NC

I want to express my thanks for outfitting my home office with the Signal Booster. I rely on my cellphone for a lot of my business interactions, but live on the borderline of signal reception. The booster provides excellent signal quality to indoor use of my phone and is making my life a lot easier! Thanks again.     Rob Schertz - Chapel Hill, NC

Signal Boosters has been an asset for my everyday operations at Southeastern Floors. I no longer have to worry about customers being able to reach me on my cell phone. Since the installation of Signal Boosters, I am no longer inconvenienced, by having to walk around my showroom, just to get a connection. Thanks Signal Boosters.     Debbie Gaskins, GM - Southeastern Floors - Longs, SC

Frustrated for years by a cell phone that would not work at my country house and by a practically useless dial up modem, I was thrilled to discover Signal Boosters. Their unit gives me 5 bars when I had only one. I have been able to disconnect my land lines for a monthly savings of $75. And now my ALLTEL air card, using their boosted signal provides very pleasing internet speeds. I totally recommend it!     Trip Overholt - Snow Camp, NC

Thanks so much for coming out yesterday and giving me a great signal. I had no idea I would be able to use my cell phone like this in my home office. The booster works great.     Scott Jewel - Mebane, NC