The most misleading words when shopping for Signal Boosters or Cell Phone Amplifiers

Every Manufacturer and online E-tailer that sells amplifiers or boosters will always describe a product by covering “up to” a certain amount of space……

Examples…..this system covers up to 2,500 sq ft, ,or 5,000 sq feet, or 10,000 sq ft., etc.

Even on consumer grade systems, the packaging will also make the same statements.

Make sure you Understand how to interpret such claims!

Let’s say that your home or office space needing to be covered is only 2,500 sq ft……
and the product you are considering says it covers up to 2,500 sq feet …..
Naturally, you assume that this product will have to cover your whole area, right?

Not so fast….

Up to can mean many things…….200 sq feet , 500 sq feet, even 1000 sq feet all fall within the “up to 2,500 sq ft claim”……

Many order an Item they Expect will solve their issues….that does not.

But you did your research, right???

Some things to know …..

When amplifiers are tested, they are tested in “INDOOR SPACEs” with no walls or floors

Next, the amplifiers “indoor antenna” which broadcasts the amplified signal is placed directly in the center of that space, making the “circle of coverage” as large as possible….

Or they use multiple antennas strategically placed to get the Maximum coverage…

Most importantly for the TESTER / Manufacturer…The outside signal ( being amplified ) is always excellent (5 bars )

This is not a realistic test because few people live in homes or offices that are completely open spaces…We have walls, halls, floors, etc… which all affect how far that signal can travel…
And most people in the market for Signal Booster systems do not have 5 bars outside.


Having a Multi-frequency Signal Meter and understanding how to use it is very important….
These devices measure the signal strength at your location for all carriers, 4G signals, LTE and AWS signals coming from the towers in your area.

The better the outdoor signal or the more signal in to an amplifier, the more signal you will get out of an amplifier….
meaning, the exact system installed in 2 locations may provide vastly differently areas of coverage even if in 2 identical buildings…… simply due to the outside signal differences.

Also, due to construction issues, and Layout of a structure, it can take multiple antennas, cabling and other components to get the maximum coverage out of a residential or commercial grade amplifier.

There are multiple Antennas designed for the outside… and inside of your location and each can greatly affect your results.

The right location of the outside antennas and indoor antennas are critical as well as the required separation issues.

The amount and type of cable used can greatly affect signal loss and your coverage.

The proper tools for terminating all cable connectors is critical.

Finally There is not a “one size fits all” approach or solution when amplifying signals that vary from address to address, and where floor plans also are different.

When possible, have a professional site evaluation done by someone that has experience installing this type of equipment.

Your Satisfaction and the savings by having it done right the first time will be worth it…

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